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Teachers Workshop

Teacher Resourcing

Teacher Resourcing

Title : Teacher Resourcing By Skill Fest 2017 At IIC, New Delhi (6-9-17)

Topic : Leadership: Transitioning From Doing To Enabling/Facilitating

Attended By : Mr. Naresh Chopra, Mrs. Himani Jain, Mrs. Sucheta Pal, Mrs. Durga Sharma, Mrs. Vandana Mehrotra and Ms. Vandana Sharma

It was an effective workshop and a great learning experience for all of us. It covered leadership as a skill from a holistic approach. We had interactive sessions on various domains such as:-

  • Key ingredients for a leader.
  • Different styles of leadership.
  • Advantages and Limitations of different styles.
  • Case Studies
  • Standardised leadership testing tools


As an Educational Initiative “Skillfest” 2017 had organized India’s largest teacher training festival. As a part of our professional development, our school had made it possible for teachers to attend these workshops form 4th Sept. to 7th Sept. at The Indian International Centre.

Some of the Topics of the workshop were:

  • Special Education and Inclusion in Classrooms
  • Fostering Critical thinking skills in students
  • The Art and Science of Making Questions
  • Blending technology and classroom instructions
  • Project Based Learning 101
  • Demystifying word Problems
  • Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

Each workshop was attended by 2 teachers and the workshops provided the educators and school leaders a result oriented and structural path to influence the way children learn. 24 teachers form the Junior school took part in the workshop.

The Art and Science Of Making Questions

The Art and Science Of Making Questions
The Art and Science Of Making Questions
The Art and Science Of Making Questions


Asset has organized a Skillfest 2017 from 4th September to 7th September at India International Centre, New Delhi. We participated ina workshop on THE ART AND SCIENCE OF MAKING QUESTIONS. Around 50 teachers from various schools all over Delhi and some teachers from Faridabad and Rajasthan had also participated in the workshop.

St. Columba’s was represented by six teachers, Mrs. Ritu Pharasi, Mrs. Shylon D’souza, Mrs. Manju Rawat, Mrs. Preeti Jain, Mrs. Rita Cherobin and Mrs. Nikita J Malagar.

The resource person Mr. Nishchal Shukla conducted the workshop. The workshop was set rolling by the participants introducing themselves.

Mr. Nishchal elaborated on the facts that should be kept in mind while framing questions. He stated that even a simple question can reflect the understanding of the child.

Thereafter it was followed by an activity. The participants were given a question paper which was to be analyzed and rated by the groups. It was followed by a discussion on the same. Mr. Nishchal, along with the participants deliberated on the need of asking questions.

It was followed by another activity based on question analysis.The members were divided into groups based on their subjects. The groups had to frame questions according to the design. One member of each group presented their set of questions which was critically analyzed by the other groups.

The workshop was an interactive session supplemented by videos and group discussion. It was an enriching experience for all of us.

The organizers also provided us with tea and sumptuous lunch.


A Vaidik Approach to Mathematical Science

A Vaidik Approach to Mathematical Science
A Vaidik Approach to Mathematical Science
A Vaidik Approach to Mathematical Science
A Vaidik Approach to Mathematical Science


On the 16th August, 2017 Mrs Rashmi A Sehgal attended the workshop on “A Vaidik Approach to Mathematical Science” at the centre of Indology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi. The session started with saraswati Vandana, followed by a discussion on the history of Mathematics, its origin, invention of zero, decimal system and role of Indian Mathematicians like Aryabhatt Brahmagupta, Ramanujan etc. The esteemed panel of speakers included

  • 1. Shri Ashok Pradhan - Director, BVB
  • 2. Dr. Shashi Bala - Dean, (enter of Indology
  • 3. Shri Maruti Sharma - Director, Jagat Kyso Management and Science Foundation
  • 4. Dr R.K Pajput - Chariperson, Head of Elementry Education (NCERT)
  • 5. Mrs Anita Sharma - Principal, Sanatan Dharma Public School

Shri Maruti Sharma Director, Jagat Kyoso Management and Sciences Foundation elaborated on the Vaidik Maths. It is a system of Mathematics discovered Mathematician Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji in A.D 1911 and 1918 that using Vaidik Mathematic, we can:-

  • 1. Eradicate the fear of Maths
  • 2. Solve numerical calculations 1700% faster
  • 3. Sharpen our mind and intelligence.
  • 4. Increase speed and accuracy.
  • 5. Building self confidence

Shri. Maruti Sharma Solved

  • 1. How the signs of + / - / X / % came into existence.
  • 2. Multiplication of 2 and 3 digit number tricks.
  • 3. Ticks of Factors and Multiplies of number.

Vedic Maths Techniques have maths tricks for calculation and can be used in exams like CAT, CET, SAT, Banking Exams. After the lunch break, an interesting session on Origami was conducted by Mr. Krishna Kumar Dixit. He demonstrated how origami can be correlated and used for effective teaching of concepts in physics, Geometry and Algebra. Overall it was a rich learning experience.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom's Taxonomy


Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom's Taxonomy


The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited. - Plutarch

A workshop on Bloom’s Taxonomy was held on 19th August for the staff of Junior School. It was conducted by the Headmistress Mrs. R. Kaushal. The central idea of the workshop was to work towards better Lesson Planning and to promote higher forms of thinking in student, such as analyzing and evaluating concepts, processes, and procedures and principles-rather than just remembering facts. The teachers were made aware as to how they must plan keeping the learning outcomes in mind. They also understood that, to create thinkers as opposed to students who simply can recall information, they have to incorporate higher levels into lesson plans and tests. The teachers too gave a demo lesson with innovative teaching aids keeping in mind the various aspects of learning taught in the workshop. It was a very enriching experience.

Restorative Circle

Restorative Circle

The 7 member core group of the restorative circle trained 13 members of the staff of the Middle School over a period of four days (21st - 24th August).

The teachers were briefed on the procedure to be followed during the sessions. Principle of connection before content was understood by all.

The teachers brought in their case study and one of them was taken up, keeping in mind the guidelines to be followed during the process of providing Restorative Justice.


Design For Change

Design For Change
Design For Change
Design For Change


Monika Gulati attended the workshop “Design for Change” at Mother’s International School on 28th July 2017.

“Design for change” is a global movement that aims to empower students to say “I CAN” and inspire others by telling their own stories, through a simple four step methodology. Feel, imagine, Do, share, a framework rooted in design thinking, educators and students are empowered to create positive changes in their school and communities

Overall it was an informative workshop as it taught teacher how to involve students in understanding their problems and taking out a solution themselves. This way students will develop Higher Order Thinking skills and will become confident to deal with real life situations also.

Students Workshop



Workshop For Class VIII

Students of class 8 are part of an outreach programme in association with NGO PRATYEK.

Brother Steve conducted a workshop for class 8 students on 21st and 22nd August 2017. It was an interactive session and he told the boys about the institution and also the Nine is Mine campaign.

He stressed on the fact that the boys can play a very important role by being a part of it. He discussed about the climate change and the need to conserve all resources.

He also talked about the initiative of the NGO to put pressure on the Government and to bring about reforms in the field of Health and Education.

He asked the boys to contribute in their own way towards the cause. Brother appealed to the boys to come and teach the underprivileged children. The session proved to be fruitful and the boys participated in it wholeheartedly.

Parents Workshop