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I remember that it was in April of 2015, when our phi Cluster was created. I was fortunate enough to be one of the founder members. It was then, that my journey in exploring the nuances of mathematics started under the able guidance of our maths teacher Mrs. Jain. The forum provided us a platform to interact with experts. As a child, I was always fascinated with numbers and would spend long hours solving problems. I never had enough of it. While it was always easy for me to solve the equations, I wanted to understand the deeper meaning of numbers and their relations. phi Cluster gave me a perfect platform where I could bounce off my ideas with my friends, challenge them with problems, and explore complex concepts with guest speakers. 

While exploring the topic on Number Theory, I was piqued by the exquisite pattern of numbers as they occurred in a particular sequence. I found out that if the numbers are arranged in a pyramidal format, it is quite easy to multiply them. Although, it may sound simple, it also gave a different perspective to the thought that multiplication was much more than being just repeated addition.

I was able to translate this idea into two articles which have now been accepted for publication by an international mathematics society based inLondon, UK. I thank my teacher Mrs. Jain, and my fellow mathematicians at Phi Cluster who helped me realising my dream.

Sachit Misra. (10-A 2016-17)