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Teachers Day Celebration (2016 - 2017)

Teachers Day 5th Sept. 2016

"A teacher affects eternity;

He can never tell where his influence stops!"

                                                                          Henry Brook Adams

Teacher Day was celebrated with  much enthusiasm and fanfare on 5th Sept. in Edmund Rice Hall under the enlightening vision of PrincipalBr. Miranda.

Marking the Jubilee year of St. Columba's School, our Principal took the initiative to invite retired ex-teachers who had served in the institution and also the ex-pupils of our school.

The air echoed with applause and the eyes turned moist as the ex-pupils presented a token of their gratitude to the retired teachers.

This was followed by fun-filled extravaganza as the junior school boys danced to the tune of 'I love my teacher and sang songs conveying their LOVE for their teachers - their 'heroes'.

The boys from the middle and senior school expressed their gratitude by presenting eye-catching dance performances and foot tapping song medleys.

The event culminated in a grand lunch hosted in the middle school ground.

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Posted By : admin | Date : 10-09-2016