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Senior School Activities

Title : Award Ceremony Senior School (2015-2016)

The Annual Award Presentation Ceremony for the academic year 2015-2016 was held on the 21st of July 2016 in the Edmund Rice Hall. The ceremony was presided over by Mr. A. Shastri - Chairman of Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management and Special Invitee to Congress Working Committee, as the chief guest. 
The ceremony commenced at 9 am with the lighting of the traditional lamp followed by the welcome address. The ceremony was conducted by Aakash Dutt, Yatharth Jaggi and Aaryan Vij of class XII. The various awards were presented to the awardees by the chief guest and the patrons. After the musical interlude, the prestigious awards were announced by Mrs. Frederick and Br. Miranda.
The Award Presentation was followed by an address by the Chief Guest Mr. Shastri thanked St. Columba's for the wonderful memories associated with it. He encouraged the boys to take pride in being Indian and imbibe the values of simplicity and humility that Late Lal Bahadur Shastri stood for. 
The Chief Guest was invited to release 'The Columban' - Platinum Jubilee edition of the school magazine.
Mrs. Frederick proposed the vote of thanks and invited the guests and the proud awardees to join the faculty for refreshments.
The ceremony ended at 10:45 am.

Mrs. N. Menezes
Activity Co-ordinator

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Title : Orientation Class 11 (2016-2017)

Orientation Day was organized on 23rd April 2016 for the parents of the students of class XI in the Edmund Rice Hall at 9 am. The event aimed at orienting the parents to the Senior School Wing.

The program was as follows :
Prayer Service & Lighting of the Lamp.
Welcome Address by our Principal.
Norms of the Senior School illustrated by the Administrator.
Introduction to the faculty, stream & activities.
Musical Interlude (Senior Students)
Presentation on the importance of Mental Health by the Counsellor.
Reflections on the Senior School by an Ex-Columban.
Presentation evoking the Spirit of SCS.
Vote of Thanks & School Anthem.

Parents were invited to meet the faculty over a cup of coffee and light refreshments. The event turned out to be a grand success.

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Title : Graduation Ceremony 2015-16

The Graduation Ceremony of the class of 2016 held on the 25th of January 2016 was a truly solemn and poignant ceremony where the outgoing batch was given a warm farewell by the faculty. 

The Academic Procession led by our Principal, Br. M. R. Beddoe was followed by a meaningful prayer ceremony conducted by Ms. G. David on the theme 'Arise and Shine'.  

The Administrator, Mrs. Frederick addressed the students and their parents as well. Each student was awarded a citation extolling their qualities in the form of a certificate along with a memento and the directory of the graduating batch.

Speaking on behalf of the parent fraternity, Dr. (Mrs.) G. Kausalya expressed her gratitude to the Christian Brothers and the teaching faculty for the wonderful environment that the school had provided, which enabled their sons to blossom into committed & sincere young gentlemen.

A few staff members,  Mrs. Joseph, Mrs. Menezes, Mrs. Garg, Mrs. Chatterjee, Ms. David, Mr. Vaz, Mr. Mathew and Mr. McDonald bid farewell to the boys with a beautiful song "This World Is Yours".

The film "The Final Bell", directed by Mrs. Manocha along with her team from class XI; Umang Misra, Priyansh Lamba, Yatharth Jaggi and Madhav Babbar was a rewind filled with nostalgia and humour of the 13 years spent in school. The confident valedictorians Harsh Gupta, Sanchit Sharma, Shreyas Sood, Arnav Aggarwal, Shivam Parashar and Pranav Arya spoke with pride & fondness for their alma mater where they came as toddlers and were now leaving as young men of substance.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Mrs. I. Frederick followed by an informal interaction between parents, teachers and students over coffee and light refreshments. 

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Title : Columban Fest 2015 - 2016

Chief  Organiser                    :             Mrs. M. Mehrotra  

Committee Members          :            Mrs. N. Chatterjee, Mrs. S. Chandra, Mrs. N. Menezes, Mr. O.P. Singh,             Mr. R. K. Sharma and Mrs. V. Chauhan

 The Annual Columban Fest that was held on the 6th and 7th of November, 2015. This 2 - day event is much looked forward to as it offers a wide range of activities to choose from, and every student gets an opportunity to display the talent and realize his potential. It also gives them a chance to interact with students of other schools.

Columban Fest - Inter-School
There were 11 Intra-school activities. The enthusiastic participation by all the students was a pleasant sight to behold.

Activity                                 Teacher Co-ordinator

Choreography                       Mrs. A. Khanna, Mrs. C. Garg                     

Crossword                             Mrs. R. Pharasi, Mrs. A. Joseph                   

Dumb Charades                    Mrs. R. Nagpal, Mrs. R. Popli, Ms. P. Rawat & Mr.O.P. Singh      

Web Designing                      Mr. M. Fernandes                                                     

Logo Designing                      Mr. P. Gonsalves                              

Comic Strip Making              Mrs. N. Chatterjee                                                    

Public Speaking                     Mrs. A. Manocha

Photography                          Mr. N. Agrawal, Ms. S. Grover                                            

Rangoli Making                      Ms. B. Kapoor, Mrs. N. Menezes    

Best out of Waste                  Mrs. S. Sachdev, Mrs. R. Sharma

Music                                      Mr. D. Mathew, Mr. M. Vaz

Columban Fest - Inter-School
There were 7 Inter-school activities The following were the activities - Effervescence, Conflux, De Code, Ehsaas, Footloose Fiesta, Cadence & Trishna. Above 20 schools participated in the above events and were adjudged by experts from different fields. Individual prizes for the various activities were given. The overall winner of the Inter-School Fest was St. Columba?s but since we were the host school, the trophy was handed over to the second best school i.e. Convent of Jesus & Mary.

Activity                       Teacher Co-ordinator

Effervescence             Mrs. N. Chatterjee

Conflux                       Mrs. R. Sharma

Run                             Mrs. R. Nagpal

Ehsaas                        Mrs. A. Joseph

Trishna                       Ms. P. Rawat

Footloose Fiesta        Mrs. N. Menezes & Ms. B. Kapoor

Cadence                     Mr. D. Mathew



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Title : Award Presentation Ceremony 2015 - 2016

The Annual Award Presentation Ceremony for the academic year 2014-15 was held on July 23, 2015 in the Edmund Rice Hall. The ceremony was presided over by Commodore Rajinder Bhandari (YSM, VSM, Head of institution, Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management, Amity University, Noida, U.P.) as the Chief Guest along with our patrons & the proud parents of our awardees.

The award presentation was conducted very ably by Arnav Aggarwal, Vivin George and Aviral Kabra of class XII. The Chief Guest & patrons were invited with Br. Beddoe to present the various awards to the awardees of classes XI & XII. The School band rendered songs which reflected the theme - 'Success Amidst Adversity'.

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Title : Graduation Ceremony - Class XII (2014-2015)

St. Columba's School bid farewell to the Batch of 2014-15 on Saturday, the 17th of January 2015 with a Graduation Ceremony in the Edmond Rice Hall. The day started with citations read out for individuals by the Principal of the school. This was followed by an inspiring speech by a parent representative. Next come the screening of much awaited Graduation Film. The movie captured the experiences of our boys who were about to leave the school. Mementos and Certificates were presented to each boy at the ceremony. The Graduation Ceremony is the culmination for our boys as they proceed to peruse their next phase in the various colleges.

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Title : Columban Fest 2014

The Columban Fest is a mammoth 2 day event, comprising a variety of competitions. The first day is the intra-school leg of the event while the second day is the inter-school part of it. 
This year, 20 schools participated on the inter-school day, making the Columban Fest, once again, a huge success. 

Day 1: The intra-school leg of the Columban Fest was kicked off with an inauguration ceremony attended by all the students and staff of the senior school.
After the ceremony, the students dispersed to their various venues for the events that awaited them, which ranged from rangoli-making to choreography. 
At the end of the day, the winners of each event were announced in the closing ceremony by the event coordinator, Mrs. Mehrotra. 

Day 2: This year, the second day of the Fest bore witness to the first interschool inauguration ceremony, which consisted of a brief introduction to the Fest and the events of the day as well as an illustratory film. 
Following the ceremony, the various competitions kicked off, with each event seeing many participating schools, each of which contended fiercely with one another.

The events for the day were as follows:-

  • Effervescence: A Science Exhibition.
  • Conflux: A Business Plan Proposition.
  • Cadence: Western Band Competition.
  • Footloose Fiesta: Western Dance Competition.
  • Ehsaas: A Short Film Competition.
  • Run: Valar Morghulis: A LAN Counter Strike Gaming Competition.
  • Trishan: Just Act - A Street Play Competition
  • Just Art - An Art Competition.

The winners were announced in the closing ceremony by the event coordinator, Mrs. Mehrotra, with Fr. Agnel School winning the rolling trophy. This was followed by the vote of thanks, which was proposed by the administrator, Mrs. Fredrick, and the school anthem.

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Title : Teachers Day


On the 5th of September 2014, the Teachers Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety. The students presented a variety of cultural items ranging from a small skit, songs, dance and music. They also spoke about the role and significance of teachers in the life of students. The students also presented the teachers a small token of their appreciation. 

Teacher Incharge - Mrs. A. Khanna

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Title : Columban Open Quiz

Chief Organiser - Mrs. R. Popli

Assisted by - Mrs. R. Nagpal, Mrs. R. Sharma, Mrs. S. Chandra, Mr. M. Vaz, Mrs. R. Pharasi, Mrs. A. Khanna, Mr. O. P. Singh and Mr. N. Agrawal

The much awaited annual Columban Open Quiz was held on the 22nd & 23rd of August 2014 on a large scale in collaboration with Oxford University Press. 
About 210 teams from various prestigious schools all across Delhi participated in this 2-day event of which the preliminary rounds followed by the Quarter-finals, were held on the 22nd of August. The venue for the Elimination Rounds was the Edmund Rice Hall, while the Quarter Final rounds were held in the Middle School Auditorium. The Semi-finals followed by the Finals, were held the following day in the Junior School Hall. 

The Elimination rounds as well as the Quarter-finals were prepared and conducted brilliantly by ex-Columbans Rabin Jacob, Kartik Sahni, Nikhil Wahi, Harjas Bami, Tushar Varma, Ravtej Singh, John Manuel, Gaurav Singh, Sankalp Luthra, Rishabh Surolia & Aayush Sinha. The Semi-final & Final rounds were conducted by our seasoned Quiz master and ex Columban Mr. Adittya Nath Mubayi of Quiz Craft Global. 

The 6 teams that made it to the Finals were from:-

  1. Delhi Public School - R.K. Puram
  2. Delhi Public School - Noida
  3. St. Columba's School
  4. Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan
  5. Modern School, Barakhamba Road
  6. Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute

Delhi Public School, Noida emerged the proud winner of COQ 2014. Close on their heels was Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram in second position. The programme ended with the prize distribution ceremony and the vote of thanks.

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Title : Senior School Award Ceremony 2014

The Annual Award Presentation Ceremony for the academic year 2013-2014 was held on July 18, 2014 in the Edmund Rice Hall. 

The Chief Guest of the day was Dr. Arup Roy Choudhury, Chairman and Managing Director-NTPC. 

The award presentation was conducted very ably by Tushar Priyadarshi, Shobhit Bhatnagar and Matthew Vetticad of class XII. The Chief Guest & patrons were invited with Br. Beddoe to present the various awards to the awardees of classes XI & XII. This was followed by presentation of the most prestigious awards announced by Mrs. I. Frederick & Br. Beddoe. 

This year the "Sword of Honour" was presented to Sankalp Luthra and Rishab Goyal got the Lal Bahadur Shastri Award. The Sujit Memorial Award was presented to Harshil Bansal. 

The award presentation was followed by an address by Dr. A. Roy Choudhury, motivating the students to follow their dreams. 

The school band led by Jeswin Varughese of class XII with Mr. Mc Donald presented a song. The ceremony ended with vote of thanks by Mrs. Frederick. 

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