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FilmIt Workshop by INTACH

Manu Kalra
5/08/2017, New Delhi

FilmIt is a multi-cultural project that aims to develop childrens minds by giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent through movies. INTACH aims at preserving and restoring heritage in every form, tangible or intangible. 
 Every year we get a chance to be a part of the workshops organised by INTACH. Students from classes 6-9 are engaged in this activity. Two workshops are conducted every time- Content and Technical.
For the Content workshop on 28th  July 2017, three students from class 7 accompanied me. The keynote speaker of the workshop was Mr. Feisal Alkazi. He is a renowned theatre person and a great author. 
After having a fruitful brainstorming session with him, the following points should be kept in mind before the actual implementation:

  • The Title should not be very lengthy and be appropriate to the theme of the movie
  •  The content should be catchy and not monotonous
  • The flow of the movie should be smooth
  • Strictly adhere to the timeline
  • The shots of the movie should be captured cleverly and correctly
  • Lastly, the movie should be able to capture the audiences attention and leave an everlasting impression

Three students of class 9 went with me for the Technical Workshop on 4th August 2017. This workshop was conducted by the technical experts Mr.Ankit Pogula and Ms Shreya Kakria. Both of them are renowned award winning filmmakers of the Tuning Fork Films.
It was a very enriching experience as the students were told how to create films. Correct and efficient planning and research is the recipe for a perfect movie. Students were even taught about the different camera angles and shots and how to put them in action. Various tips were shared on how to stabilize a camera while filming a movie. Visuals, voiceovers, dialogues and music play a very crucial role when editing a movie using the various softwares.
This workshop was an entertaining and a great learning experience. It was useful in igniting the passion in our young aspiring film makers. We hope to make wonderful films this year as well and put to use all that we have learnt.

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Senior School PTM 19th August 2017

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Hindi Debate, 2017

on the 11th of August 2017 our school went to DPS, R.K Puram for Hindi Inter School Debate competition. The topic of the debate was Dhan hi Lakshya tak Pahucha sakta hai.

Our boys put a fantastic show as they competed with rest of the aspirants. Their effort & participation was highly appreciated by the judges and the audience. Dhruv Ghoshal from Class VIII A spoke for the motion while Sushant Kumar of class VIII E spoke against the motion. Our boys Dhruv & Sushant were very grateful for our principal Br. Miranda and our Headmistress, Mrs Sheel for providing them this opportunity that was rich in experience & a great exposure for speaking in public where 38 schools from all over Delhi participated.

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Columban Plantation Drive 2017

Columban Plantation Drive
Working towards the improvement of nature is as important as educating children. In times like today, when human activities like deforestation are endangering the environment, it is very important to protect it and keep it at its level best. Our school came up with an idea to plant more plants in our school campus to nurture the nature. This plantation drive was supported by LG Electronics which was celebrating their 20th Anniversary on the 22nd May 2017.

This drive was given the slogan, "Let's Nurture the Nature for a Better Future". Not only the students of our school but students from OCA and Pratyek participated in this activity whole heartedly as well. It was the combined efforts of students, teacher faculty and the team from LG Electronics which made this event a success.

Activity In charges:-
Mrs. A. Pant
Mrs. R. Nigam
Special thanks to Br. James, under whose guidance this activity took place.


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Columban Open Quiz 2017 - Registration

The Columban Open Quiz 2017 will be held on the 25th and the 26th of August, 2017. 

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ASSET 2017

AQAD  has been the buzz word each day  this  academic year. AQAD which stands for " A Question a Day" was done  in preparation for the ASSET   summer round  , which is a skill based Assessment test using  multiple choice questions to test both skills and concepts. ASSET is an acronym for Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing.

The test was taken in Maths and English by students from classes 3 to 10  on the 9th and 10th of August respectively. Columbans from 6 to 10 took the Science paper on the 11th of August.                      

When the results are out each student will know where he stands against his peers across India!

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DPS R.K Puram organized an English Debate Competition for Class 8 on 10th August 2017. 36 Schools from various parts of Delhi participated in this Competition.
The topic tabled before the house was as follows: Progress Is A Double-Edged Sword. Speakers had to speak for 2 minutes. Each speaker had to face one rebuttal question.
The Speakers were judged on the following criteria  Content, Delivery, Relevance, and Rebuttal.
Our Students  Aditya Vohra of Class 8D And Nimit Bajaj of Class 8A spoke For and Against the motion respectively. Their confidence and expression were appreciable. Participation in this debate was indeed a worthwhile exposure and an enriching learning experience for all.

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Elocution Week (2017-18)

 For Pictures : Click Here

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Debates Class-IX (2017-2018)

Class 9 debates was held in the Middle School Auditorium on 8 th August 2017. It was the first inter-house event for the academic year 2017-18. In his address, the Principal appreciated the topic which was ? Social Networking Sites are a Sophisticated Means of Stalking People?. 

The representatives of the various houses spoke fervently on the issue and came up with their perspectives regarding the same. They cited examples from real life to justify their stand. 

The judges for the day were Mr Sarthak Ahuja, an ex-Columban , Miss Shruti Nanda and Miss Garima Chauhan, who are ace debaters and have been a part of numerous debating societies. They encouraged the participants and also gave tips and ideas regarding public speaking.

They adjudged the Beige House as the best team and  Yellow House were  the runners up. Nishant Sam from Beige House was adjudged the best speaker and Ishaan Sharda from Green House as the second best speaker. Jayant Jain from the Yellow House was declared the best Interjector out of all five houses. 

The Headmistress, Mrs Sheel congratulated the participants and gave the vote of thanks. 

For Pictures : Click Here

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Story Telling Session 2017-2018 (Junior School)

Story Telling Session 
"Story telling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world."  
- Robert Mckee

Junior School organized a story telling session for class I and II on the 28th July, 2017. The resource person Mr. Sanjay Muttoo actively engaged the student in the session by narrating the story with creative gestures, appropriate voice modulation and facial expression. The session was outstanding and proved to be a great learning opportunity for the students and teachers to learn the art of storytelling as an effective communication tool. 

For Pictures :: CLICK HERE

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