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Sponsoring Students From Less Fortunate Backgrounds

Dear Parents, Past Pupils and Well Wishers,

St.Columba;s has always opened its doors to children from all strata in society. 

In 2016-17,  we were able to educate 164 students under the EWS category and 221 students under concession. 

Though the school gives a lot more free ships and concessions than it gets sponsorships for, the assistance of some parents, alumni and well-wishers has been instrumental in enabling the school to extend this facility to an increasing number of students. 

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Important Notice - School will remain Open on 20th March 2017

Dear Parent,  As the Jaat agitation has been suspended, regular classes will be held on Monday, 20th Mar. - Bro Miranda

St Columba's  School, New Delhi.

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First Day of Junior School (2017-18)

Every session marks a new beginning. Therefore, the first day, when the children, all feeling rejuvenated, enthusiastic and excited, come to the school in their clean and crisp uniforms, it becomes a very special day. To make it all the more special, a welcome assembly was organized by Ms Edmunds on 14th March at 7:30 a.m. This day we formally said good bye to our class 3 boys who now move on to the Middle section of the school.

Br. Miranda and Mrs. Ghai also addressed the Assembly and greeted everyone to the new session. The children were congratulated on their promotion to their next class and were advised  to take up all their tasks with sincerity and seriousness. Well begun is well done.

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Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Parent Teacher Meeting :: for more details please :: Click Here

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Staff Orientation

 Staff Orientation :: for more details please :: Click Here

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Admission : XI

Admission : XI :: for more details please :: Click Here

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Raffel Ticket Draw 5th February

Raffel Ticket Draw 5th February 2017

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Important Notice-Transport

Important Notice-Transport : for more details please :: Click Here

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Platinum Jubilee Celebration - Musical Night

St. Columba's school celebrated its Platinum Jubilee with a Musical Night bash on Friday, the 16th of December, 2016. With the promise of excitement and adrenaline rush, the event was one of a kind. The concert was open to everyone including past pupils and students from all Delhi schools. Over 2,600 youngsters descended in the campus that evening.

The school bands Skyline and Hectic from St. Columba's and Amity International School, Mayur Vihar respectively, set the tone for the evening with their outstanding performances. Well-known DJs Bangloud, Mindbass and Doctor Daniel played some electrifying EDM music. Popular Boy-band, PAN!C became instant favourites just after their first song and serenaded the crowd with more hit numbers.  Finally, the most awaited DJ for the evening, Candice Redding mesmerised the audience with her scintillating music. The variety of food stalls satiated the hunger of the dancing crowd. With state-of the-art technology and equipment, courtesy Pearl Entertainment, Columba's ground was transformed into the most happening party in town. The brilliant visual graphics by Columbans and support lent by LIMN Entertainment made the experience enthralling.

In the end, the Principal, Br. E.V. Miranda proposed the vote of thanks and invited everyone to the Columban Carnival to be held on the 5th of February, 2017 for more action and enjoyment.
By Aakash Dutt

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School Audit

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