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Middle School Activities

Title : VASANT VALLEY 2017-2018

Report on Art Marathon
Date:     12th and 13th April 2017
Venue:  Vasant Valley School, Vansant Kunj
The annual Vasant Valley Art Marathon was organised at Vasant Valley School, Vasant Kunj on 12th and 13th April, 2017.  Total 05 schools participated in the event namely, Vasant Valley, Sanskriti, Modern, Sri Ram and St Columba?s.  The art marathon, which is a ?celebration of aesthetic expression?, brought together students of all the performing and visual art to let flow their creativity and as a whole celebrate art. 
St Columba?s was represented by thirteen boys of the Middle School along with Mrs P. Dhasmana, Art Teacher. There were many workshops, such as Street Art, Theatre, Photography, Cooking, Conceptual Art and Music, for the students to showcase their talents. Eminent personalities like Ritu Dalmia, Kavya Trehan etc.,   conducted interesting and interactive workshops, which were attended by students. 
The boys were quite enthusiastic to attend the event despite the fact that it was organized on a holiday, which speaks volumes about the amount of fun they had besides getting a great exposure.
It was a great experience for the boys as they learnt many new and different activities and ideas. It gave the boys the necessary exposure and experience to excel.

1)         Kuntak Saha                               10 A (Street Art)
2)         Makhreo E. Chalai                     10 B (Street Art)
3)         Reuben M. Elias                         10 A (Western Vocal)
4)         Darren Fernandes                     10 A (Western Vocal)
5)         Saubhagya Kumar                     10 B (Theatre)
6)         Aryan Narang                               9 B (Theatre)
7)         Aryan Oliver                                 9 D (Visual Arts)             
8)          Ishaan Sharda                              9 C (Visual Arts)
9)          Sawan Oberai                             10 A (Culinary)           
10)          Gauravya Mohan                        9 E (Filmmaking)
11)          Joshua Carol                                9 C (Filmmaking)
12)          Harsh Sharma                              9 C (Photography)
13)          Yash Nagar                                 10 E (Photography)

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Title : UJALA MELA 2017-2018

Date: 2nd April 2017, Sunday
Venue: Middle School Field

From the first day of the new academic year a group of students along with Mrs. Pant, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. S Sahni, and Mrs. Handa the preparations for UJALA MELA had started. The entire team worked relentlessly for days packing gifts, planning out game and food stalls and spreading awareness about UJALA MELA. The entire school contributed for this event. The main aim of this was to put a smile on the face of the underprivileged kids and give them a break from their hardships.

On the 2nd of the April, 6 game stalls and 3 food stalls were set up for these deprived kids by students of class 8, 9, and 10. These stalls were supervised by teachers who were there to help out and do their part. Two NGOs attended the Mela ? Pratyek and Shades of Happiness. About 200 kids were present. They played games, enjoyed food, won prizes and went back with great memories. .

A team of boys from class 10 prepared a street play on Swach Bharat to spread awareness and educate the kids about the same. This was well received by all who attended and everyone was moved by the message conveyed by the performance.

The mela came alive with the music played by a class 12 team. They played all kinds of music and were appreciated by the kids and teachers alike. Everybody danced, had fun and enjoyed thoroughly.

The mela was supervised by a team of teachers led by Mrs. A. Pant, Mrs. V. Watson, Mrs. S. Sahni, and Mrs. S. Handa.
The team included:
Mrs. R. Nigam
Mrs. V. Shah
Mrs. S.Tripathi
Mrs. M. Mathur
Mr.Tejinder Singh
Mrs. A. Bardhan
Mrs. P Attree
Ms. Grace
Mr. Shakti

A core team of students looked after the stalls and helped make the event a success. They were led by:
Cyrus M.
Aasis K.
Raghav N.

The core team included:
Raghav S.
Nimrat S.
Shivang M.
Aditya S.
Naman D.
Divij G.
Aarav B.
Pravar D.
Siddharth J.

                                Mrs A Pant


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Title : Earth Hour 2017-2018

Every year the World Wide Fund for Nature organizes the earth hour. It is a worldwide movement to encourage individuals, businesses, households and communities to switch off their electricity for one hour from 8:30pm to 9:30pm by the end of March. This event is usually held on a Saturday. 
This year, our school took a step forward and became a part of this event. Earth hour was celebrated on the 25th of March from 8:30pm to9:30pm but, symbolically we celebrated it on the 18th of March. We stopped consuming electricity for an hour during school hours on the 18th of March.   
 In accordance with this, we also spread awareness by assemblies. We also had a talk show and various poems and songs related to the Earth Day. The Eco Club came together to bring about this to effect. This event stretched from 15th March to the 22nd of March.
Our pupils and teachers took an oath to save our planet. This initiative was not for praise, but, for motivating our students and teachers too follow this everyday for the rest of their lives
Some of our students even made short films regarding this event under the guidance of Mrs. Sehgal and Mrs. A. Pant.
The Eco Club also put up posters in the school to let people know about the same.

Special thanks to:
Mrs. A. Pant (Activity In charge)
Aasis Katyal (10 E)
Raghavv Nayyar (10 D)
Cyrus Monteiro (10 E)
Shivang Mehta (10 B)
Abraham Peter (10 D)
Sanchit Jude (10 D)
Shivang Datta(9 E)(video)
Gauravya Mohan (9E) (video)

And the group who did the assemblies: 
Rijul Baasamboo
Shadaan Geelani
Abhyuday Aggarwal
Aryan Narang
Ahan Micheal

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Title : Swacch Paryavaran (2016-17)

Cleanliness holds great importance in our lives because it leads to good health which we all desire and therefore it becomes our duty to keep ourselves as well as our surroundings clean. Members of the eco-club along with group in charge- Mrs. Anjali Pant, understanding the importance of cleanliness undertook the project of creating awareness as to what every person can do to keep themselves as well as their surroundings clean.

The members of the eco-club of class nine went around the middle school taking signatures from teachers and students throughout the month of December. This was done to raise awareness and inform them about the current crisis faced by one and all regarding the environment. 

Our efforts weren't restricted within the school as the members of the eco-club of class ten prepared a street play which they displayed at the Promenade Mall in Vasant Kunj on the 12th of February. The people who saw the play, gave an excellent feedback and stated that it was very useful and informative.

The members of the eco-club have been visiting different parts of the Middle School after the senior breaks in order to clean up the mess created by us and our fellow students. We also spread awareness about the need to save water which is essential for the survival of living organisms which we all might be wasting without us noticing, but now we need to put a stop to it. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed and the students have become more cautious and have stopped littering the school considerably.

We love to enjoy our rights but there are certain duties which are needed to be done by us. It is our duty to keep our surroundings clean and the members of the eco-club have been tirelessly spreading awareness about the need to keep our surroundings clean.
The eco-club would like to thank PHD Chamber for helping with the campaign. The combined efforts of the eco-club and the PHD Chamber were appreciated by our Principal. We would like to thank our Principal Br E V Miranda and our Headmistress, Mrs S Sheel for their continuous support and cooperation.

Activity In charge : Mrs Anjali Pant

Play Performed By:-
  • Madhav Goel 10 A
  • Ronin Sunny 10 A
  • Derek Raj 10 A
  • Mahir 10A
  • Saeem Rahim 10 D
  • Sarthak Ahuja 10 A

Swacch Campus led By:-
  • Sam Rajpal 9E
  • Naman Dewan 9E
  • Aasis Katyal 9E

Signature Campaign led By:- 
  • Aasis Katyal 9E
  • Raghavv Nayar 9D
  • Rohit Narayan 9C
  • Kuntak Saha 9A
  • John Pious 9E
  • Pravar Dennison 9E
  • Cyrus Monteiro 9E

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Title : Social Services Corner (2016-17)

These days, people have become very busy with their work and most of them have started to neglect social values. The members of the eco-club came up with an idea to set up a social services corner which would remind the people of their social values. This stall was set up on the Twenty-Eighth of October under the guidance of the group in charge - Mrs Anjali Pant.

Under this, there were a number of stalls-:
We set up a game stall which was inaugurated by Br Steve. To play each game every child had to give 4 old newspapers. These games were fun and at the same time taught the children about social justice. The newspapers which were collected were sold and we earned RS.1500 which was used support to a social cause.

We prepared a Power Point presentation which displayed the initiatives undertaken by NINE IS MINE.
We organised a free medical check up camp for students, parents and for the class four employees of the school as well.

Boys made posters on the topics PARENTAL PRESSURE and SAY NO TO CRACKERS which were displayed. Students also enacted street plays covering issues like corruption, social injustice and child labour.

We also tried to publicise the work of the Katran NGO and also empowered them by setting up stall wholly dedicated to their recycled products.
Our efforts had an impact on the students and parents which was also appreciated by our principal and our head mistress.

Activity In charge : Mrs Anjali Pant

Activity Conducted By:-
  • Aasis Katyal 9E
  • Raghavv Nayyar 9D
  • Rohit Narayan 9C
  • Aditya Singh 9E
  • Raunaq Singh 9E
  • Saheen Sharma 9E

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Title : Recycle & Reuse (2016-17)

On a daily basis people produce millions of tonnes of waste which keeps on accumulating and polluting our mother Earth. It is high time now and if we don't check ourselves now, we'll repent later. Keeping this in mind the members of the eco-club tried to recycle and reuse newspapers and old t-shirts.

We taught the students of classes 4 to 8 how to make newspaper bags out of old newspaper. These newspaper bags were going to be of great use for the students because they could keep their SA1 papers in these bags and avoid using the brown envelopes which were otherwise used. The teachers gave us a great feedback and found this activity really useful. 

We even started collecting old newspapers in order to raise money for a social cause. We also used old newspapers as canvas for making Warli paintings. We also used old t-shirts to make cloth bags.

This activity of ours definitely brought about a change in the thinking of the students. Our efforts were appreciated by our Principal and our Headmistress.

Activity In charge : Mrs Anjali Pant

Activity Conducted By:-
  • Aasis Katyal 9E
  • Divij Goel 9E
  • Cyrus Monteiro 9E
  • Pravar Dennison 9E
  • John Pious 9E
  • Arnav Singh 9E
  • Aarav Balachandran 9E
  • Mridul Bharadwaj 9E

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Title : Plantation Drive (2016-17)

Working towards the improvement of nature is as important as educating children. In times like today, when human activities like deforestation are endangering the environment, it is very important to protect it and keep it at its level best.  The Eco Club of the school comprising of students from class nine and ten work with their club in charge, Mrs. Anjali Pant and hold different workshops to spread awareness among the teachers and students.

On the sunny morning of 28th February 2017, 8 members of the eco club Aasis Katyal, Raghav Nayyar, Sam Rajpal, Shivang Mehta, Viren Hemrajaani, Cyrus Monteiro, Pravar Dennison and Dev Vatnani accompanied by their in charge,  Mrs. Anjali Pant and the school gardener planted saplings of hedges and flowers in the amphi theatre area in the presence of the principal, Br E V Miranda and middle school headmistress, Mrs. S Sheel.

This effort of the club was appreciated by the Principal and the Headmistress. The Eco Club plans on building a total new garden for the school. 

Activity In charge : Mrs Anjali Pant

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Title : Graduation Day 2017

BATCH 2016-2017

Graduating from high school is not only a time to reflect on the past while planning ahead for the future but also a time to celebrate accomplishments and find inspiration for life beyond the day.

 Class X Graduation ceremony was conducted on 10th Feb'17 in the Edmund rice Hall at 12 noon. Brother Miranda was the Chief Guest of the ceremony. The show was also graced by Mrs. Ghai, Mrs Fredrick and Mrs Sheel.

The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp by Br. Miranda, Mrs Sheel and the class teachers of  class X. It was followed by a prayer song ?Listen to the heart? by Casting Crown.

Rohit Narayan, the Vice Head Boy gave a farewell speech dedicated to class X boys. 
Ryon on violin and Nathaniel on flute mesmerized the audience with a piece of instrumental music. The school choir sang a motivational song 'You have got a friend in me' by Carol King.

 Next on stage were the representatives from each section of class X who shared their experiences in the middle school with the audience. Thereafter we once again had the middle school band at its best with an instrumental medley. 

'Who saat saal' a Hindi play brought back the memories of the past seven years which the graduating class had spent in the middle school. 
Saem Rahimand  Amritanshu added to the celebration by singing a Hindi medley which had the entire audience joining them. 

Ashutosh Dubey, the Head Boy reflected on his experience and his vision for tomorrow. He thanked the institution and the teachers for their contribution towards the holistic development of the outgoing boys. The speech was followed by a power packed dance performance by the class IX boys. 

They also paid their tribute to the outgoing batch by capturing some wonderful moments spent by them in the middle school. 

Mrs Sangeeta Sheel, our head mistress expressed her views and motivated the boys for their onward journey to the senior school. She also talked about the dramatic changes taking place all over the world and how the students should prepare themselves by broadening their horizon and embrace the world that is not fragmented by narrow domestic wars. 

Br. E L Miranda, our Principal, also enlightened the boys with his words of wisdom. He talked about boys choosing different streams and taking up different subjects. He encouraged them to choose a subject of their liking. He also reflected on the fact that no one is perfect and we all learn from our mistakes. It is infact good to make mistakes because it prepares us for the future. 

The graduation ceremony came to an end with the distribution of souvenirs to the outgoing batch by the guests of the afternoon. 

(Coordinator of the Event)

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As part of its journey to create and nurture leadership in the field of cultural heritage, ITIHAAS looks outward towards the child. The annual address by His Holiness the Dalai Lama provided an opportunity for school children to interact with the world?s most prominent and influential thought leader. 

St Columba's School was represented by 21 students from Classes 9 & 10 of the Middle Section. The enthusiasm of the students was infectious as they showed no signs of weariness despite having spent the better part of Sunday 5th February 2017 at the Platinum Jubilee carnival at school.

The Dalai Lama immediately connected with the young audience when he waved to them with childlike glee. He spoke on the importance of compassion and warm heartedness to deal with any situation and advised the youngsters to control their anger. He then answered some questions which the students posed ? displaying a practical wisdom.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama won the hearts of all present with his impish charm as he recalled anecdotes from his childhood to show the importance of a mother?s love and attention in the formative years of a child's life.

The Dalai Lama came across as a humane, approachable people?s own spiritual leader.

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Title : Special Assembly (2016 - 2017)

Special Assembly (Ane Moriam, Sangram)
One of the primary goals of a culturally responsive education is to help students to become respectful and appreciate cultural diversities. The special assembly organized in the Middle School Field, on 20 th October, 2016, provided a rich platform for our boys to move out of their  'microcosm' and interact with students from a different socio cultural background.

The Middle school boys were delighted to welcome students from Ane Moriam (Arunachal Pradesh), an institution run by the congregation of Christian Brothers , expanding the vision of our founder Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, in the far east of India.
Rohit Narayan and Ashutosh were the comperes for the day. Following were the highlights:

  • The teachers of the guest school were felicitated  by our Principal Br Miranda, the Middle School Headmistress Mrs. Sheel, Senior School administrator Mrs Fredrick and the Junior School Headmistress Mrs Ghai
  • Presentation of stoles by the prefects to the students from Ane Moriam
  • Nyishi song and traditional Nyishi dance by the guest school
  • Musical Interlude (School Band)
  • Group Dance by the host school: Ronan Sunny of 10 A,  under the guidance of Mrs Pant' choreographed the performance 
  • Interactive Session (Presented by Aditya and ArmaanLilothia of Class 10)
  • Prize distribution ceremony 
  • Speech by Br Lawrence and  Br Miranda
  • School Anthem by Ane Moriam followed by the Columban Anthem

The highlight of the event was the colourful, traditional folk dance and Nyishi song presented by the girls and boys of AneMoriam. The students decked in their traditional attires and floral head bands danced to a melodious Nyishi tune that captivated the audience. 

St Columba's was runners up  at the interschool zonal athletics meet. Our school also won laurels in the YMCA swimming competition. Br Beddoe felicitated the students  with medals and trophies. 

The assembly was followed by an inter school football match which was witnessed by the class 10 students. Lunch was served after the event ended. 

Event Coordinators:-
Mrs. V Shah and Mrs. J Varghese

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