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Middle School Activities

Title : Graduation Day 2017

BATCH 2016-2017

Graduating from high school is not only a time to reflect on the past while planning ahead for the future but also a time to celebrate accomplishments and find inspiration for life beyond the day.

 Class X Graduation ceremony was conducted on 10th Feb'17 in the Edmund rice Hall at 12 noon. Brother Miranda was the Chief Guest of the ceremony. The show was also graced by Mrs. Ghai, Mrs Fredrick and Mrs Sheel.

The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp by Br. Miranda, Mrs Sheel and the class teachers of  class X. It was followed by a prayer song ?Listen to the heart? by Casting Crown.

Rohit Narayan, the Vice Head Boy gave a farewell speech dedicated to class X boys. 
Ryon on violin and Nathaniel on flute mesmerized the audience with a piece of instrumental music. The school choir sang a motivational song 'You have got a friend in me' by Carol King.

 Next on stage were the representatives from each section of class X who shared their experiences in the middle school with the audience. Thereafter we once again had the middle school band at its best with an instrumental medley. 

'Who saat saal' a Hindi play brought back the memories of the past seven years which the graduating class had spent in the middle school. 
Saem Rahimand  Amritanshu added to the celebration by singing a Hindi medley which had the entire audience joining them. 

Ashutosh Dubey, the Head Boy reflected on his experience and his vision for tomorrow. He thanked the institution and the teachers for their contribution towards the holistic development of the outgoing boys. The speech was followed by a power packed dance performance by the class IX boys. 

They also paid their tribute to the outgoing batch by capturing some wonderful moments spent by them in the middle school. 

Mrs Sangeeta Sheel, our head mistress expressed her views and motivated the boys for their onward journey to the senior school. She also talked about the dramatic changes taking place all over the world and how the students should prepare themselves by broadening their horizon and embrace the world that is not fragmented by narrow domestic wars. 

Br. E L Miranda, our Principal, also enlightened the boys with his words of wisdom. He talked about boys choosing different streams and taking up different subjects. He encouraged them to choose a subject of their liking. He also reflected on the fact that no one is perfect and we all learn from our mistakes. It is infact good to make mistakes because it prepares us for the future. 

The graduation ceremony came to an end with the distribution of souvenirs to the outgoing batch by the guests of the afternoon. 

(Coordinator of the Event)

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As part of its journey to create and nurture leadership in the field of cultural heritage, ITIHAAS looks outward towards the child. The annual address by His Holiness the Dalai Lama provided an opportunity for school children to interact with the world?s most prominent and influential thought leader. 

St Columba's School was represented by 21 students from Classes 9 & 10 of the Middle Section. The enthusiasm of the students was infectious as they showed no signs of weariness despite having spent the better part of Sunday 5th February 2017 at the Platinum Jubilee carnival at school.

The Dalai Lama immediately connected with the young audience when he waved to them with childlike glee. He spoke on the importance of compassion and warm heartedness to deal with any situation and advised the youngsters to control their anger. He then answered some questions which the students posed ? displaying a practical wisdom.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama won the hearts of all present with his impish charm as he recalled anecdotes from his childhood to show the importance of a mother?s love and attention in the formative years of a child's life.

The Dalai Lama came across as a humane, approachable people?s own spiritual leader.

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Title : Special Assembly (2016 - 2017)

Special Assembly (Ane Moriam, Sangram)
One of the primary goals of a culturally responsive education is to help students to become respectful and appreciate cultural diversities. The special assembly organized in the Middle School Field, on 20 th October, 2016, provided a rich platform for our boys to move out of their  'microcosm' and interact with students from a different socio cultural background.

The Middle school boys were delighted to welcome students from Ane Moriam (Arunachal Pradesh), an institution run by the congregation of Christian Brothers , expanding the vision of our founder Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, in the far east of India.
Rohit Narayan and Ashutosh were the comperes for the day. Following were the highlights:

  • The teachers of the guest school were felicitated  by our Principal Br Miranda, the Middle School Headmistress Mrs. Sheel, Senior School administrator Mrs Fredrick and the Junior School Headmistress Mrs Ghai
  • Presentation of stoles by the prefects to the students from Ane Moriam
  • Nyishi song and traditional Nyishi dance by the guest school
  • Musical Interlude (School Band)
  • Group Dance by the host school: Ronan Sunny of 10 A,  under the guidance of Mrs Pant' choreographed the performance 
  • Interactive Session (Presented by Aditya and ArmaanLilothia of Class 10)
  • Prize distribution ceremony 
  • Speech by Br Lawrence and  Br Miranda
  • School Anthem by Ane Moriam followed by the Columban Anthem

The highlight of the event was the colourful, traditional folk dance and Nyishi song presented by the girls and boys of AneMoriam. The students decked in their traditional attires and floral head bands danced to a melodious Nyishi tune that captivated the audience. 

St Columba's was runners up  at the interschool zonal athletics meet. Our school also won laurels in the YMCA swimming competition. Br Beddoe felicitated the students  with medals and trophies. 

The assembly was followed by an inter school football match which was witnessed by the class 10 students. Lunch was served after the event ended. 

Event Coordinators:-
Mrs. V Shah and Mrs. J Varghese

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Title : ROAD SAFETY (2016 - 2017)

Delhi traffic Police had organized an annual School Road safety awareness campaign on 6 Oct 16 at Dogra Hall Auditorium, IIT Delhi.

The workshop was attended by Principals and coordinators of 350 schools. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Alok Kumar Verma, Commissioner of Delhi Police.

Mr. Sandeep Goyal, ACP gave the welcome address. He emphasized on the fact that the students are also road users and by creating awareness in them their safety will be ensured. 

After the welcome address Mrs. Garima Bhatnagar ACP presented an overview of the safety awareness campaign. She stressed on the fact that there has been an alarming increase in minor drivers and therefore they need to be educated on the safety norms. She also highlighted the objectives of the campaign  and the need for student to become custodians of the road safety. 

The chief guest of the ceremony Mr. Alok Kumar Verma, Commissioner of Police in his speech stressed the need to encourage school children to adhere to law. He emphasized that social responsibility is a major concern which should be followed by everyone. He also stated that besides following the other traffic rules people should also respect the rights of the pedestrians and follow traffic lights.

The chief guest's speech was followed by a short tea break for half an hour. The session was resumed by Nupur Prasad Additional Commissioner police, who gave a talk on general safety of the children. She stressed the need for the children to be protected from physical, emotional and sexual harassments. 69% of children are abused in some form or the other. Parents and teachers should  be vigilant .If they see any sign or symptom of any form of physical abuse they should report the matter to the police at the earliest.  Various programs and initiatives have been taken by Delhi Police to tackle this problem. 

Mr. Vijay Singh DCP of north - west district, officer in charge of cybercrime expressed his concern over growing cybercrimes. He said that Internet is a reality and cannot be wished away therefore the children should be made aware of their rights and the threats which they may face. The students need to be made aware of the inappropriate conduct while being online.

The last round of workshop was an open forum where the participants cleared their doubts regarding the planner scheduled to create awareness in Road safety. 

(Middle School)

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Title : Anubhuti (2016 - 2017)

'Abhivyakti Ki Swatantrata, LokMangal Se Adhik, Lok Dangal'. 

"Shrimati Lalita Shastri inter-school debate competition" Anubhuti was conducted by the Hindi department on 7th October 2016 at the Middle School auditorium.

The programme started with the lighting of the lamp by Bro. Edwin, Mrs. Sheel, (Headmistress Middle School) and two children with two guest teachers. Bro. Edwin, Bro. Joe Johnson and Mrs. Sheel honoured the judges and the Chief Guests. 

Chief Guests of the programme, Mrs. Manju Shastri, Mr. Anil Shastri, (daughter-in-law and son of Late Shrimati Lalita Shastri) presented the trophies to the winners of the competition.

Mrs. Manju Shastri, Mr. Anil Shastri and Mrs. Sheel spoke to the children related to the children on the subject of the debate. Mrs. Sheel encouraged and shared her deep insight of the subject with the children. 

Winners of the competition:
Sarva-shresthavakta - Paksh - pringdales School
Sarva-shreshtavakta - Vipaksh - Mater Dei School
Shreshtavakta - Paksh - Convent of Jesus & Mary
Shreshtavakta - Vipaksh - Bal Bharti Public School
Sarvashreshtaprashankarta - Don Bosco School

The Best School trophy was presented to Spring dales School, Pusa Road.

Mrs. Malini Mathur
Hindi Department
Middle School

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Title : Quiz (2016 - 2017)

DATE : 16th AND 17th AUGUST
Boys of classes 5,6,7 and 8 participated.

Five students per section of each class participated in the exciting and mind - boggling event which was organised by a team of students from classes IX and X along with their mentor.

Be it famous personalities, sports, inventions, landmarks, history, or flora and fauna, a wide spectrum of G.K topics were tested by the 'Brilliant Quiz  Masters'. 

The pin drop silence to the sound of the buzzers, the loud cheering as well as the hooting in the auditorium was evidence of the total involvement of both the contestants and the audience. 

The event was marked with the whole hearted participation not only of the winners but of each and everyone, the memories of which will be safely tucked away in their treasure troves.

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Title : Eco Club (2016 - 2017)

During the month of August 2016, our Eco Club conducted the following activities:
 Organised a workshop on solid waste management, conducted by Mr. Sanjay Vats (M. Tech in environmental engineering), who is working as an Environmental engineer in Delhi Pollution control committee since 1993.
This workshop was followed by a visit to Jindal waste recycling plant.

 On 27th August, Eco club boys visited "Jindal waste recycling plant, Jasola, Delhi". This plant is 1st waste ?to-energy plant with private- public partnership project of the Jindal ITFEcoplis and Municipal Corporation of Delhi. It produces 16MW electricity everyday. This project is registered with UNITED NATIONS FRAMEWORK CONVENTION ON CLIMATE for earning Carbon credit.

It was an eye opener for the students.

Anjali Pant

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Title : Utsav (2016 - 2017)

Inter-school competition was held in Birla Vidya Niketan from 4th to 6th August 2016.  Our boys from Middle school were chosen to participate in the following two competitions - 
  1. ANSKRIT SHLOK COMPETITION :- Coordinated by Mrs. Ragini Nigam  and supported by Mrs. Deepa Pandey
  2. HINDI TV AD  COMPETITION :- Coordinated by Mrs. Archana Shrivastav and supported by Mrs. Anjli Pant
Sanskrit Shlokocharan competition was represented by our boys Amritanshu Sinha , Akshat Ahuja , Rijul Bassamboo, Abhyuday Agarwal , Aarjav Grover, Ishan Sharma(Tabla), Shivan Sehagal (Harmonium).  They emerged as winners standing first against all 30 schools competing for the same. They were awarded gold medals and certificates.                                   
Ritwik Sikka , Madhav S. Goel , Rishil  Gupta represented our school for Hindi Competition.

With Regards
Teacher: Deepa Pandey
Middle School

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Title : SYMSCI (2016-17)

Our annual feature of interschool competition in science symposium and model making concluded in a spectacular way, where we clinched the trophy of 1st position in creating an innovative model by Shobhit Singh of 10 D and Syed Rizwan of 10 C., and 2nd position in PPT presentation on Stem cell therapy which was an eye opener prepared by Kartik Gupta of 10 D, Vishwam Datta of 10 E, Manansh Thakur and Kunaal Sareen of 10 A. 11 top schools of Delhi participated in it.It. was held on 29th of July.
Judges who were Drs and specialists from different science fields were invited and were very impressed by students endeavour and expressed their opinion for student's benefit . They specially complimented on the entire organization of the programme.
The winning team in PPT was of Carmel Convent, 2nd position to St.Columba's and third a tie between CJM and Spring Dales, Pusa Road. The 2nd position in model making went to St. Thomas and Spring Dales and 3rd was also a tie between Birla Vidya Niketan and Modern School, Bara Khamba Road.   

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Title : Awards (2015 - 16)

DATE: 22ND JULY 2016

The theme for the awards this year was CHAMPION - THAT'S WHAT I AM!

The message given to every Columban was that each child is a winner and every Columban should believe in himself and aspire for perfection. 
The awards commenced with an invocation to the Significant Presence to the chanting of shloks. The choir then gave a rendition of the song I HOPE YOU DANCE which set the mood for the rest of the function.

The parents, patrons for the various awards,  the Heads of the three sections of the School along with our Principal Brother L. Miranda applauded each champion as they came up to receive their award.

The students of Class 9 entertained the audience by dancing to the song CHAMPION by Rihanna

The RAMANSUBRAMANYAM AWARD was won by Ashley Gabriel D' Souza for all round excellence.

THE COLUMBAN OF THE YEAR 2015-16 was Jaskaran Singh.

In his address to the gathering Brother Miranda encouraged every Columban to challenge himself and not to be afraid of trying.

The vote of thanks was given by the Headmistress of the Middle Section Mrs Sheel.

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