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Middle School Activities

Title : Swimming Gala Middle School 20-Sep-2017 (2017-18)

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Title : Swimming Gala (2017-18)

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Title : DELHI-NCR Junior Gaming Championship (2017-18)

The gaming championship was organised by Delhi Public School R.K.Puram in association with Skirongaming company on 14th September , 2017. 65 students from senior school and 46 students from middle school participated in the event.
 The senior school boys pitted against each other in Call of Duty-Black Ops and middle school students enjoyed Fifa 2017.

Apart from competing with each other, many students were given an opportunity to experience latest technology in gaming using Play Station-4 and Virtual Reality. The pleasure of playing on play station 4 with an experience of Virtual Reality was not only enjoyed by students but also by senior school teachers.

The top two scorers from the elimination round will be playing finals during Exun -2017, the technology event of DPS R.K Puram.

Results of the Event-:
Middle School                                                                   
  1. Harbir Chadha-10 1st  Position
  2. Karman Singh-9 2nd Position

Senior School
  1. Dhwaj Saxena-11 1st  Position
  2. Samphel Bodh-11 2nd Position

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Title : Intach Quiz (2017-18)

The two teams from St.Columba's school participated in The INTACH,2017 organized by the INTACH organization in collaboration with Xpress at Max Mueller marg, IIC.
Each team consisted of two boys from 9thand 10th. 
The quiz was conducted by one of the Columba's alumni, KunalSarvakar. 
The quiz was specifically in India's beautiful heritage, culture and community.
Unfortunately, the students couldn't make the mark just by a point yet it was a rewarding experience for them.

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Title : ASEAN QUIZ (2017-18)

The two teams from St. Columba's school participated in The ASEAN Quiz,2017 organized by The Royal Embassy of Thailand. Each team consisted of three boys from 9th and 10th.
The participating boys were grilled about the topics ranging from the history to the mythology of all the Ten ASEAN member countries.
Although these students couldn't qualify for the final round they got a gift hamper as a special recommendation.
It was a great learning experience for the boys who thoroughly enjoyed this Quiz.

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Title : Anubhuti (2017-18)

Topic  : GST Ki Dor Se  Bandhi Bhartiya Arthvyavastha Ki Bagdor

"Shrimati Lalita Shastri Inter School Debate Competition'' Anubhuti was conducted by the Hindi Department on 1st September 2017 at the Middle School Auditorium. Honourable judges of the completion were Shri Ishwar Prasad Sharma, poet and Hindi Blog writer;  Shri Yogesh Kumar Pandey, Theatre Artist and Director; and Smt. Lata Vashishtha, Sanskrit News Reader, All India Radio. 
The programme started with the Saraswati Vandana and lighting of the Lamp by Bro. James ( Brother from the St. Columba's Christian Brother Community), Mrs. Sheel (Headmistress, Middle School), one student and one guest teacher. As Bro. E. V. Miranda, Principal was out of Delhi, he offered best wishes for the success of Anubhuti through a video clipping. Bro. James and Mrs. Sheel honoured the judges and the Chief Guests by offering them Flower Pots and Shawls.
Chief Guests of the programme, Mrs. Manju Shastri and Mr. Anil Shastri ( daughter-in-law and son of late Ex Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri and Lalita Shastri) presented the trophies to the winners of the completion.  
Winners of the Competition :
  •         Sarvashreshtha Vakta (Paksh) : SARANSH PANDEY, St. Columba's School
  • Sarvashreshtha Vakta (Vipaksh) : SAHAJ, D.P.S., R.K.Puram
  • Shreshtha Vakta (Paksh) : NAMAN, Modern School
  • Shreshtha Vakta (Vipaksh) : ROHIT NARAYAN, St. Columba's School
  • Sarvashreshtha Prashan karta : ALINA KHAN, Mater Dei, School
  • Sarvashreshtha Team : St. Columba's School

During the competition a short film on GST was showed and Plays were performed on GST by the students of St. Columba's School.

Mrs. Ragini Nigam in association with Hindi Department
Middle School

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Title : Inter school debate competition (2017-18)

"While most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it."

Apeejay International School, Noida hosted an inter school debate competition for classes 9-12th on August 31, 2017 to celebrate their founders Day. Twenty eight   Schools from various parts of Delhi participated in this competition.

The topic tabled before the students was "Social Media Activism: Only Hype and no Bite." The time limit for the same was 3 minutes and the parameters for judgement were content, expressions, intonations, confidence and relevance. Our Columban participants Abhilash Jena, X-C and Aryan Sirsikar, X-B spoke fervently on the issue "for and against" the motion respectively. The participants citied examples from real life which made the topic more relevant and justifiable. Their confidence and expression were appreciable.

Participation in this debate was indeed a good exposure for our students as it is said "In all debates, let truth be thy aim, not victory, or an unjust interest."

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Title : Hindi saptah day (2017-18)


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Title : Interclass quiz competition classes 7 & 8 (2017-18)

Quoting James Madison-" Knowledge will forever govern ignorance and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."    

Quizzing helps to identify gaps in learning and also aids retention.  

The Quiz was held on the 24th August covering a wide variety of subjects : Sports,History , Music , Literature, Entertainment and Current Affairs. A few questions were thrown open to a very enthusiastic  audience

The interclass Quiz competition for classes  7  &  8 was compiled and presented by the students of class 10. Class 7E stood first while class 7C were  the runners-up . 8C bagged the 1st position and 8D were the runners-up.

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Title : Quiz Of Class 5 & 6 (2017-18)

Quiz was conducted on 23 rd Aug 2017,for classes  5 and 6 .It was held in the Middle school auditorium, five boys from each section and the ordiance participated with lots of enthusiasm.
The winners from class 5 were class 5 D and the runners up were  5 A. From class 6 ,the winners were  6 E and runners up were  6 B.

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