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Title : Debates Class-IX (2017-2018)

Class 9 debates was held in the Middle School Auditorium on 8 th August 2017. It was the first inter-house event for the academic year 2017-18. In his address, the Principal appreciated the topic which was ? Social Networking Sites are a Sophisticated Means of Stalking People?. 

The representatives of the various houses spoke fervently on the issue and came up with their perspectives regarding the same. They cited examples from real life to justify their stand. 
The judges for the day were Mr Sarthak Ahuja, an ex-Columban , Miss Shruti Nanda and Miss Garima Chauhan, who are ace debaters and have been a part of numerous debating societies. They encouraged the participants and also gave tips and ideas regarding public speaking.
They adjudged the Beige House as the best team and  Yellow House were  the runners up. Nishant Sam from Beige House was adjudged the best speaker and Ishaan Sharda from Green House as the second best speaker. Jayant Jain from the Yellow House was declared the best Interjector out of all five houses. 
The Headmistress, Mrs Sheel congratulated the participants and gave the vote of thanks.