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Title : VASANT VALLEY 2017-2018

 Report on Art Marathon
Date:     12th and 13th April 2017
Venue:  Vasant Valley School, Vansant Kunj
The annual Vasant Valley Art Marathon was organised at Vasant Valley School, Vasant Kunj on 12th and 13th April, 2017.  Total 05 schools participated in the event namely, Vasant Valley, Sanskriti, Modern, Sri Ram and St Columba?s.  The art marathon, which is a ?celebration of aesthetic expression?, brought together students of all the performing and visual art to let flow their creativity and as a whole celebrate art. 
St Columba?s was represented by thirteen boys of the Middle School along with Mrs P. Dhasmana, Art Teacher. There were many workshops, such as Street Art, Theatre, Photography, Cooking, Conceptual Art and Music, for the students to showcase their talents. Eminent personalities like Ritu Dalmia, Kavya Trehan etc.,   conducted interesting and interactive workshops, which were attended by students. 
The boys were quite enthusiastic to attend the event despite the fact that it was organized on a holiday, which speaks volumes about the amount of fun they had besides getting a great exposure.
It was a great experience for the boys as they learnt many new and different activities and ideas. It gave the boys the necessary exposure and experience to excel.

1) Kuntak Saha                               10 A (Street Art)
2) Makhreo E. Chalai                      10 B (Street Art)
3) Reuben M. Elias                         10 A (Western Vocal)
4) Darren Fernandes                       10 A (Western Vocal)
5) Saubhagya Kumar                      10 B (Theatre)
6) Aryan Narang                             9 B (Theatre)
7) Aryan Oliver                              9 D (Visual Arts)             
8 )Ishaan Sharda                            9 C (Visual Arts)
9) Sawan Oberai                            10 A (Culinary)           
10) Gauravya Mohan                      9 E (Filmmaking)
11) Joshua Carol                            9 C (Filmmaking)
12 )Harsh Sharma                          9 C (Photography)
13) Yash Nagar                             10 E (Photography)