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Title : UJALA MELA 2017-2018 (PART- I)

Date: 2nd April 2017, Sunday
Venue: Middle School Field

From the first day of the new academic year a group of students along with Mrs. Pant, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. S Sahni, and Mrs. Handa the preparations for UJALA MELA had started. The entire team worked relentlessly for days packing gifts, planning out game and food stalls and spreading awareness about UJALA MELA. The entire school contributed for this event. The main aim of this was to put a smile on the face of the underprivileged kids and give them a break from their hardships.

On the 2nd of the April, 6 game stalls and 3 food stalls were set up for these deprived kids by students of class 8, 9, and 10. These stalls were supervised by teachers who were there to help out and do their part. Two NGOs attended the Mela ? Pratyek and Shades of Happiness. About 200 kids were present. They played games, enjoyed food, won prizes and went back with great memories. .

A team of boys from class 10 prepared a street play on Swach Bharat to spread awareness and educate the kids about the same. This was well received by all who attended and everyone was moved by the message conveyed by the performance.

The mela came alive with the music played by a class 12 team. They played all kinds of music and were appreciated by the kids and teachers alike. Everybody danced, had fun and enjoyed thoroughly.

The mela was supervised by a team of teachers led by Mrs. A. Pant, Mrs. V. Watson, Mrs. S. Sahni, and Mrs. S. Handa.
The team included:
Mrs. R. Nigam
Mrs. V. Shah
Mrs. S.Tripathi
Mrs. M. Mathur
Mr.Tejinder Singh
Mrs. A. Bardhan
Mrs. P Attree
Ms. Grace
Mr. Shakti

A core team of students looked after the stalls and helped make the event a success. They were led by:
Cyrus M.
Aasis K.
Raghav N.

The core team included:
Raghav S.
Nimrat S.
Shivang M.
Aditya S.
Naman D.
Divij G.
Aarav B.
Pravar D.
Siddharth J.

                                Mrs A Pant