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Title : Earth Hour 2017-2018

Every year the World Wide Fund for Nature organizes the earth hour. It is a worldwide movement to encourage individuals, businesses, households and communities to switch off their electricity for one hour from 8:30pm to 9:30pm by the end of March. This event is usually held on a Saturday. 
This year, our school took a step forward and became a part of this event. Earth hour was celebrated on the 25th of March from 8:30pm to9:30pm but, symbolically we celebrated it on the 18th of March. We stopped consuming electricity for an hour during school hours on the 18th of March.   
 In accordance with this, we also spread awareness by assemblies. We also had a talk show and various poems and songs related to the Earth Day. The Eco Club came together to bring about this to effect. This event stretched from 15th March to the 22nd of March.
Our pupils and teachers took an oath to save our planet. This initiative was not for praise, but, for motivating our students and teachers too follow this everyday for the rest of their lives
Some of our students even made short films regarding this event under the guidance of Mrs. Sehgal and Mrs. A. Pant.
The Eco Club also put up posters in the school to let people know about the same.

Special thanks to:
Mrs. A. Pant (Activity In charge)
Aasis Katyal (10 E)
Raghavv Nayyar (10 D)
Cyrus Monteiro (10 E)
Shivang Mehta (10 B)
Abraham Peter (10 D)
Sanchit Jude (10 D)
Shivang Datta(9 E)(video)
Gauravya Mohan (9E) (video)

And the group who did the assemblies: 
Rijul Baasamboo
Shadaan Geelani
Abhyuday Aggarwal
Aryan Narang
Ahan Micheal